Located in a prime neighborhood, the site faces southe and has its back blocked by high rise buildings, a big disadvantage for the residential use (it’s located in a cold city). Therefore, commercial use was proposed – an innovative solution for the area. 

To serve this new audience, we needed to create some truly outstanding workspaces. We designed balconies on commercial offices, some of which with barbecue grills and a few duplex rooms. Located in the 13th floor, there are the common areas: a fitness room, meeting rooms and a small auditorium, along with an open space with a 2 ton tree planted. All of these spaces are located at a high story and enjoy beautiful views of the city. We also highlighted the contemporary architecture using exposed concrete’s plasticity and the metallic structure’s lightness.

We created an innovative and locally fit enterprise. The construction company chose this building as its twenty-year anniversary signature building, naming it VINT (“vinte” translates to “twenty” in Portuguese).

Technical Specifications

LOCATION |  Caxias do Sul - RS

AREA | 94.2230 sq ft


CLIENT | FISA Incorporadora

STATUS | Built

Architecture Leader |  Maurício Santos / Luísa Konzen / Fernando Balvedi / Jean Grivot

Architecture Team |  Luis Bonilla, Naiara Forneck, Pulo Cesar Gonzáles, Gabriel Johansson, Luciana Stinieski, Belisa Peres, Taís Buhler, Bianca Antunes, Leandro Cavalheiro, Davi Castro, Ândrio Vicari, Alexandre Höllermann, Marina Varante

Structural Engineer | Raiz Engenheiros Associados

Electrical Engineer | CM Engenharia

HVAC | Medeiros Engenharia

Lighting Designer | FOS Lighting Studio

Photos | Marcelo Donadussi