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Taupick Saadi Tower

Residential building project for a terrain in a very valued region of Porto Alegre, where there was a small building about to be destroyed. Its basic premise, therefore, was to deliver a lot of value to the new apartments about to be created. The existent lot has a trapezoidal shape, with a considerably bigger front than the back dimensions. A building approximately 20 meters high was planned, with two apartments by floor.

In a conventional implantation for this kind of lot, we would have a building with a rectangular plant, with an apartment in the front and one in the back. However, as the front of the lot has a north solar orientation and better views, the back apartments would be very affected. We chose to locate the apartments in parallel so that both could use the frontal view and the best sun orientation, “opening” the building, almost as a V. This way all the apartments would have the social areas facing north and the more extensive ones facing east and west. Taking advantage of the terrain’s irregular geometry, the apartment bars mismatch, making space for the circulation areas. Besides, the north façade’s fulls and empties alternate, creating terraces and balconies and making each apartment exclusive. The project plans 11 apartments, one different from the other. 

Taupick Saadi Tower - Facade
Taupick Saadi Tower - Drawing
Taupick Saadi Tower - gif
Taupick Saadi Tower - Facade
Taupick Saadi Tower - gif
Taupick Saadi Tower - Facade

Technical Specifications

LOCATION | Porto Alegre - RS

AREA | 54.000 sq ft

​PROJECT | 2011

CLIENT | Private 

STATUS | Scheme design