SCI | Training Center Internacional

Following the success of Beira-Rio Stadium renovation, SC Internacional commissioned Hype Studio with the design of its new Training Ground and Academy Facilities in Guaíba, 26 km away from Porto Alegre. The club had acquired the site in October 2014. Site evaluation comprised several visits in different days between December 2014 and January 2015 to understand the entire location - around 880,000 square meters in total, of which 470,000 square meters must remain untouched (it’s a natural preservation area bordering Lake Guaíba). The remaining 410,000 sqm were to be used, but around 200,000 sqm are marked as “area non aedifi candi” (or “no buildings area”). We can use it for gardens, fields, pathways, streets, but we can’t build any buildings or structures of any kind on it. The complete requirements program called for modern facilities for the club’s entire youth systems (around 300 athletes aged 9 to 21) plus the first team, all of them with their respective changing rooms, gyms, coaches, doctors, staff offices, physical therapy and rehabilitation rooms, games room and bedrooms. In total, it’s a 30,000 square meters structure with 14 official size playing fields and one half pitch completely covered.

The site has 45 Ficus trees of various sizes - from 25 meters crowns to only 1.5 meters young trees. This situation created a few challenging site constraints. First of all, Ficus trees are protected by law and the Environmental Agency wouldn’t allow any of them to be removed or even moved to a different location. Second, in the city of Guaíba there’s a municipal law that forbids buildings to be built in a 50 meters radius around any Ficus trees. Last but not least, the first topography map made had 39 Ficus on it - and with Design Development reaching around 30%, the topography team found 6 more Ficus. That called for immediate changes on consolidated design. Fortunately, we were able to overcome that successfully.


The environmental licensing process was long and complex – even including archaeological excavation - and Hype Studio managed to overcome all the permitting process in less than two years. After all information gathering, visioning sessions with the client and site evaluation, conceptual design commenced on April 2015. The project was presented to the club’s board of directors in late August and on October 2015 we filed for permits, with the final permissions granted in June 2017. Construction is scheduled to commence in late 2018.

Technical Specifications

LOCATION |  Av. Comendador Ismael Chaves Barcellos s/n, Guaíba - RS
AREA | 312.000 sq ft

PROJECT | 2015-2017

CONSTRUCTION | 2018-2020

CLIENT | Sport Club Internacional

STATUS | Work in progress


Architecture Project | Hype Studio Arquitetura
Interior Design | Hype Studio Arquitetura
Structural Engineer | Simon Engenharia
Electrical Engineer | Rhima Projetos
Highway and Earthworks engineering | CJB Engenharia
Fire Protection Engineering | SEI Soluções de Incêndio
Soccer Fields Design | Maristela Kuhn Gramados Esportivos