Nilo Peçanha Mall

The stores were organized in two blocks, one oriented to Dr. Nilo Peçanha Avenue and the other oriented to Tomáz Gonzaga street.

The work was planned and executed with industrialized materials, its macrostructure made in precast concrete, optimizing the execution time.

The gallery formed by the balance-projected cover, is 1.5 meters above street level, not conflicting visually with the fast-parking spots located in front of the shops. This elevation also provides more interesting visuals and protects the users passing by the gallery.

The commercial and exceptional character, necessary in a place like this, was achieved due to the use of multi-coloured aluminium lining, contrasting with the austerity of the concrete-apparent structural and sealing elements.

co-authors: Arq. Jean Grivot, Arq. Carolina Souza Pinto, Arq. Lucas Obino

Technical Specifications

LOCATION | Porto Alegre - RS

AREA | 11.500 sq ft

PROJECT | 2007-2008


CLIENT | Private

STATUS | Built