Rotta Ely | Murano

A two towers Mixed Use Complex Project located at Cristal district, access way to Porto Alegre’s South Zone, with implantation attractions aimed at the quality of life for its connection to the Guaíba Bay. 

The enterprise is located at 1717 Icaraí Avenue, in a corner area where an intense flow avenue and a local traffic street meet. For that reason, the implantation opens to the corner, with privileged sights and an easy access, great visibility commercial mall connecting the two buildings.

The office building faces Icaraí Avenue, while the residential tower faces the quieter street. A small inflexion in the towers implementation was created in order to privilege the visuals of both, and take advantage of the morning sun in the apartments.

The complex will count with modular offices, stores and 3 to 2 dormitories apartments. The crowning of the building has offices and duplex apartments, besides condominium residential area on the top floor, taking advantage of the Guaíba view, the project’s great implantation icon.

Murano is one of the biggest real estate releases in Porto Alegre during the recent years. 

Technical Specifications

LOCATION | Porto Alegre - RS

AREA | 201.683 sq ft


CLIENT | Rotta Ely

STATUS | Built