Ijuí Arena

A stadium project in a terrain located on a filed area close to the city centre. The architectural party adopts two stands on the field’s laterals, leaving the field extremities free, open to the landscape. The implantation strategy also opts to leave a big dense tree layer untouched, preserving the place’s nature.  

The project foresaw a constructive system of stands built over a compact embankment. This way, the terrain’s topography would be reworked allowing the stadium to be sensibly inserted on the landscape. The project planned space for 9.860 seated occupants. All the match, public and press installations follow Fifa recommendations. Besides the 9.860 seated supporters on the stands, the stadium would count with four television booths, 12 radio booths and 12 private cabins.

This would be the first stadium on Rio Grande do Sul’s countryside to follow all Fifa recommendations for sports equipment.

Ijui Arena - top view
Ijui Arena - Floor plans
Ijui Arena - top view
Ijui Arena - Sections
Gif soccer
Ijui Arena - Facade
Ijui Arena - Terrace
Ijui Arena - Field

Technical Specifications


AREA | 130.000 sq ft

PROJECT | 2012

CLIENT | E.C. São Luiz de Ijuí

STATUS | Scheme study