Engemold | New Headquarters

For the project of the new headquarters of Engemold, a prefabricated concrete structures company, the challenge was to take the most advantage out of the constructive technology as possible. How to create an innovative space, alongside institutional presence and high environmental comfort for employees using the same structural pieces used for everyday industrial storages?

The prefabricated concrete portico is the company’s signature piece, used to build large industrial buildings with no character whatsoever.

First of all, we turned the structure into the character feature. Internally, we did so by letting go of any type of ceiling treatment, and externally, by setting back a glass façade, creating a surprising covered transition area. We exposed the structure to show a slim concrete structure. Likewise, all installations are visible, as far as the eye can reach, bringing the company’s industrial nature to the daily routine of everyone who passes by.


The building was divided in three distinctive sectors, separated by gardens, vertical circulation cores, and toilets; allowing plenty of natural light and natural ventilation into all spaces, benefiting from the many pleasant fall and spring days, typical from Porto Alegre’s metropolitan region, where the company is located. This also allows employees from one sector to see the other sectors easily.

The assembly of these little architectural gestures resulted in a very low-cost building with a unique sense of space, with flexible workspaces that will easily adapt to the company’s future diverse demands. The building also promotes collaboration and planned and unplanned encounters.


Technical Specifications

LOCATION | Rua Ver. José Stuart da Silva 945, Cachoeirinha/RS
AREA | 21.500 sq ft
PROJECT | 2011-2012

CONSTRUCTION | 2012-2013

CLIENT | Construtora Engemold

STATUS | Built

Architecture Project | Hype Studio Arquitetura
Structural Project | Luís Carlos Silveira (Construtora Engemold)
Electrical and Plumbing Engineering | Miriam Battastini